With Halloween quickly creeping up on us it’s time to start brewing up some spooky fun with easy Halloween crafts to make and sell! 

Whether you’re looking for cute Halloween crafts that won’t give you a fright, or the best Halloween crafts that are so spooky that they will leave your customers howling in horror, there are so many options to choose from.

 halloween crafts to make and sell (1)

Halloween crafts are not only a great way to make some extra cash, but they’re also so much fun to make. From wickedly cool decorations for your Halloween party to costumes, accessories, and more fun crafts. There is a spooky DIY Halloween craft out there for everybody!


Why is Halloween such a great time for making and selling crafts?

Halloween is a great time for making and selling crafts because people often spend a lot of money on decorations and costumes during this holiday. Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year, and many people look forward to buying spooky-themed treats and decorations and that is why it’s the perfect time to start your craft business!


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29 Easy Halloween Crafts to Make and Sell in 2023

Let’s get into the Halloween spirit with these fun Halloween craft ideas. These are perfect for gifting, making your own Halloween decorations at home, or making and selling them for profit on places like craft shows, on Etsy, or on the Facebook marketplace.


Halloween wreaths

All you need is a wreath form, and various decorations from Dollar Store or any other local craft store, such as googly eyes, and plastic spiders to make a spooky Halloween wreath. Your customers will love to display your stunning wreaths on their front door and you are sure to sell out quickly!

1. Eyeball Wreath

halloween wreath  


2. Spider Burlap Wreath

halloween wreath


3. Pom Pom Wreath

pom pom wreath


Halloween Car Coasters & Accessories

Cute coasters for your car’s cupholders are the newest trend in car accessories so handmade crochet or embroidery car coasters are a great craft to sell for the upcoming spooky season that’s sure to make you lots of extra money.

4. Spooky Car Coasters

halloween-car-coasters (1)


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5. Ghost Car Coasters (Step-by-step guide)

crochet ghost coaster


6. Pink Halloween Ghost Coasters



7. Ghost Car Mirror Charms


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Pumpkin Jars

These adorable pumpkins made from mason jars and painted with acrylic paint are a great wonderful DIY craft that is easy enough to even make together with your kids!

Fill them with candy and give them out as gifts or sell them for others to do the same.


8. Painted Mason Jar Pumpkins With Pipe Cleaners



9. Mini Halloween Jars



Halloween Wall Decor

Printable wall art is a great seller during the Halloween season. Just look at these best-selling Halloween wall art items on Etsy to get an idea of just how profitable this can be.

10. Ghost on Swing




11. Freshly Boo’d Wall Art


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12. Macrame Skeleton Wall Hanging

skeleton wall hanging macrame


13. DIY Halloween Dreamcatcher



Halloween Earrings

Earrings are a great craft to sell during Halloween because they can be a subtle way to add some spooky flair to an outfit. From spooky ghosts to pumpkins, there are plenty of Halloween-themed designs that can be incorporated into earrings to create a unique and eye-catching accessory.


14. Ghost Earrings



15. Halloween Stud Earrings



16. Cute Halloween Ghost Earrings



17. Adopt-a-ghost Glow in Dark Earrings



Halloween Home Decor

DIY Halloween decorations such as candles,  are a great craft to sell during Halloween because they can help create a spooky and festive atmosphere in any home. Make easy DIY decorations and sell them on Facebook marketplace for local pickup, or make smaller decor items such as candles and sell them on Etsy to reach more customers.


18. DIY Air Dry Clay Ghost Tea Lights

This cute Halloween ghosts craft can be made for less than $1 per item and sold for up to $30 each!

DIY Air Dry Clay Ghost Tea Light


20. Clay Pumpkins


21. Halloween Terrarium



22. Ghost Candles



23. Halloween Coasters



24. Halloween Bookmarks

halloween bookmarks

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25. Knife Bookmarks



26. Halloween Slime


This easy peasy Halloween craft is so simple to make you can even make it with your younger kids. Slime is always a great seller at local craft fairs and is a fun project for the whole family!


Halloween cups

Halloween cups including glass cups, Stanley cups, and Halloween tumbler cups are a great craft to sell because they are easy to customize with vinyl, and there are endless design ideas that can be created using SVG files.

Whether it’s you use ready-made vinyl svg files or DIY a wrap design, these cups can be made to look cute and festive for the holiday season.


27. Ghostface Snow Globe Glass Tumbler

halloween tumbler cups


28. Daisy Ghost Iced Coffee Glass

halloween tumbler cups (1)


29. Cute Ghost Tumbler

halloween cups


Halloween Crochet

30. No-sew Ghosts Wearing Hats

I saw a girl selling crochet ghosts like these at my local craft market, and she sold out so quickly! People love buying cute little Halloween decor items like these.

This adorable crochet pattern for ghosts wearing hats is a beginner-friendly pattern and is so easy to make!



I hope these easy Halloween craft ideas have inspired you to make some fun projects. Which of these fun Halloween projects will you be making for the spookiest day of the year? Let me know in the comments!