Looking for easy Valentine’s day crafts to sell? You can find some fun valentines crafts from this list of creative Valentine’s day ideas.


Valentines’ Day can be a very pricey holiday which means it is a great opportunity to make extra cash as people will be spending a lot of money.

A lot of people love receiving handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day but often are too busy to make them themselves.

This is where you come in.


You can make the crafts and gifts and sell them to people who wish to give handmade gifts but don’t have the time or skills needed.

I’ve compiled a list of 15 crafts for Valentine’s day that are easy and quick to make.


These 15 Valentine’s crafts to make and sell will definitely help to bring in a little more income this holiday season. Take these to craft fairs, holiday bazaars, or even sell them online for extra cash! 

From Valentine’s wood crafts to Valentines’ Day Cricut crafts to sell, Christmas you are sure to find your favorite from this list!

15 Fun Valentines Crafts to Make and Sell


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What sells the most during Valentines?

According to a study done in 2020, Americans spent $27.4 billion dollars on Valentine’s day with an average person spending a whopping $196.

The biggest contributor to this number was jewelry amounting to 21% of the total spend and $5.8 billion.

So its safe to say handmade jewelry can be a big hit and an extremely profitable DIY valentines day craft to sell.

That is why I’ve compiled a huge list of DIY jewelry and other Valentines’ crafts that you can make and sell for profit.


Best selling Valentines’ Day crafts to make and sell

1. Valentine Slime

Slime can be such a good seller at craft fairs so give this adorable Valentine slime a try.

This tutorial also includes some punny-printable tags which will add a funny touch to the craft.



2. Felt Heart Plush Ornament

These cute hand-stitched felt plush hearts are the perfect Galentine’s Day crafts. 

They don’t require a sewing machine to make and are fairy quick to make.

Try infusing them with some essential oils or perfume and sell them as car diffusers.



3. Heart Scribble Mug

A perfect Valentine’s Day craft for kids to make and sell. 

All you need is some plain white mugs, sticky contact paper and a porcelain pen. 



4. Valentine’s Day Explosion Box Card

Exploding box cards are a great gift for boyfriend. These are a hugely popular best sellers on Etsy and you can custom make them for your customers.

Check out these best seller ideas on Etsy.



5. DIY Valentines Day Stud Earrings

These clay stud earrings are super easy to make. Get creative with the colors, writings and marketing and you can easily have a best seller at hand.




6. Valentines Day Cricut Crafts to Sell: Mugs

This beginner-friendly craft project uses iron-on vinyl to create this adorable Valentine’s day couples gift to sell.



7. Hugs and Kisses Jar Gifts

This tutorial comes with a printable tag and all you need is mason jars and some treats to put inside them.



8. Pamper Party in a Jar

A pamper day is an amazing Valentine’s day gift for people who tend not to take time for themselves and need a little extra push to treat themselves.

You can make these pamper party jars to order and customize them with the recipient’s favorite things and print their names on the jar.



9. No-Sew Valentine’s Gnomes

This adorable gnome couple is so easy to make and doesn’t require any sewing!



10. Carved Candles

People love buying personalized crafts and since this carved candle with initials only takes a few minutes to make has the potential to be a really great seller at craft fairs.

Couples can purchase these candles for you can if you’re not busy, you can make them with their initials in 10-15 minutes without requiring any special tools.



11. Man Tool Bouquet

A lot of ladies will appreciate you selling these tool bouquets as guys can be so hard to buy for.



12. Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle for Kids

Anything sensory tends to sell very well at craft fairs and this bottle is no different. It’s very quick and easy to make and a unique idea that a huge variety of customers will like.



13. DIY Yarn Hearts

A great craft for kids to make and sell, try making this with just red yarn or a mix of yarns like this tutorial did.



14. Valentine’s Day Home Decor With Scrap Wood

If you’re looking for Valentine wood crafts that use up scrap wood, try this beautiful home decor idea.



15. Pink Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are always such a good seller, these rainbow ones are Valentine’s day themed.



Which DIY Valentines’ day crafts to sell will you be making this year?


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