Are you looking for resin crafts to sell for extra cash? Need inspiration on things to make with resin to sell? Then you need to keep on reading to discover the best selling resin crafts that can make you a huge profit.


Resin art is the newest craze in the handmade goods market and for a good reason!

Epoxy resin is an incredibly versatile, easy to learn, and relatively cheap material that can be crafted in so many different ways.

So if you’ve ever thought about starting a resin business idea and making extra money from home then take finding this post as your sign to do it NOW!

Clear resin is an easy material to work with and can be used to create various items for decorative purposes.

Since you will be hand-making these items and can customize them to suit your customers they can often attract a higher price than resin items sold in retail and craft stores.

Popular Resin Items to Sell for a profit. These resin ideas to sell will help you set up your resin business and make money in 2022!

Have you been looking for ways to make money selling crafts?

There are so many ways how you can make cash selling handmade crafts such as selling Cricut crafts, woodworking crafts, dollar store crafts, and more.

But resin is one of the easier ones and it has also just recently gained a lot of traction and will only get more popular with time.

That means that now is the perfect time for setting up your resin crafts business!


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What are some profitable resin ideas to sell?

Resin is an incredibly versatile material to use for making crafts, some of the best resin ideas to sell include decorative items such as resin paintings, coasters, keychains, chopping boards, picture stands, phone cases, magnets, and resin jewelry such as various earrings, resin bracelets, and necklaces.

You can customize each one of these in hundreds of different ways by using different colors of acrylic paint, fresh flowers, gold leaf, and glitter.


How to make resin crafts?

To start making resin art, first, you need to gather your basic supplies. Obviously, these will vary according to the type of resin ideas you will be making but there are a few main ingredients you will need for all of your projects.

If you just stick to basic ingredients you can keep your initial overhead costs to less than $100 dollars and can upgrade your ingredients and buy more own molds for larger projects as time goes by and your business becomes more profitable.


The following list can help you get started making and selling resin crafts:


this best selling epoxy kit is a must-have

you also need these silicone molds

these mixing cups and sticks kit will be perfect to get started with

you will also need some protective equipment

and lastly, the decorations depending on your project



Can you make money selling resin art crafts?

According to a source, in 2019 the epoxy resin market was valued at $5.9 billion. It is however projected to reach $10.3 billion by the year 2027 which is a huge increase.

So it is safe to say that getting into that growing market like right now which is still at its early-ish stages is well worth it and can set you up for a very profitable handmade goods business.


Where to sell resin crafts?

You can sell your resin crafts on Etsy, on your own website online shop, on various social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook groups, or even at local craft fairs and markets.

You could also contact your local small businesses and inquire if they accept handmade products to be sold at their stores.


How do you price resin crafts?

Calculating the price for your handmade resin crafts can be confusing. There are so many ways of calculating the price that you charge your customers but this is my favorite way to do it:

Materials cost + time (how much time did it take and how much do you value your time per hour, so let’s say I pay myself $15/hr, and the project takes 30 minutes to do, my time cost would be $7.5 for that project) + overhead cost (packaging supplies etc) = minimum price to be profitable.

Then add the profit you would like to make on top of the minimum price.


Let’s first start with some easy resin crafts for beginners:

1. Letter Keychains

These DIY letter keychains are a simple resin project to try if you’re just trying your hand at this whole resin thing.

They are super cute and can be personalized in so many different ways that there are surely people willing to pay for them.

resin art ideas to sell



2. Hair Clips

A quick and easy resin craft that has impressive results.

This fun resin project for teens and adults to make can be sold at craft fairs and the great thing about this item is that customers will buy several to match their outfits making these hair clips a high demand item.

things to make with resin to sell



3. DIY Dollar Store Resin Cutting Board

These custom cutting boards can be bought for just a few bucks at the Dollar Tree and then sold for a huge profit at craft fairs and bazaars!

most profitable resin crafts to sell




Top selling resin products 2022:

If you’re looking for a bit more advanced resin ideas to sell, you can try one (or more) of these simple epoxy ideas to sell for a nice profit.


4. Resin Picture Stand

These adorable wire picture holders can be used by your customers to display their most cherished photos. 

You could also create a picture frame out of resin but this idea is much more unique.

15 Best Selling Resin Crafts (Resin Craft Ideas to Sell 2021)



5. Pressed Flower Magnets

Gather some natural blooms and flowers and preserve them for forever in these tiny adorable magnets!

15 Best Selling Resin Crafts (Resin Craft Ideas to Sell 2022)



6. Cupcake Resin Charms

Adorable food items always tend to sell really well. Make these tiny charms in cupcake molds or you could even buy this kit and make some adorable boba charms which are super trending and popular in 2022!

Unique resin crafts to make and sell 2022



7. Sprinkle Rings

This resin craft for kids to make and sell can be made using super basic ingredients and can be sold by you or your kids at bazaars and craft markets.

Unique resin crafts to make and sell 2022



8. DIY Resin Dice

Learn how to make beautiful dice that can be sold on their own or in a set with another game. You can even offer to personalise these for your customers for an extra profit.

Unique resin crafts to make and sell 2022



9. Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a great gift idea for booklovers so people are willing to buy them as gifts. These resin bookmarks feature pressed flowers which are just beautiful and relatively easy to source.

resin crafting ideas



10. Marble & Gold Coasters

These gorgeous coasters are really classy looking and can make great housewarming gifts, wedding place cards, drink holders, or jewelry trays.

epoxy ideal to sell



11. Wedding Floral Preservation Tray

A wonderful idea to preserve a customer’s wedding bouquet. These trays have become super popular amongst buyers and are a great idea for unique things to put in resin.

things to make with resin



12. Bag of Fish Earrings

Super cute and unique earrings made to resemble real fish in a bag. These are so clever and kids, teens and adults alike will want a pair of these earrings!

best selling resin items



13. Personalised Charcuterie Board

Personalized items are always a great seller on Etsy and even at local craft fairs. This resin chopping board combines high-quality wood with resin and resembles the sea.

things to make with resin to sell



14. Ocean Inspired Resin Coasters

These coasters mimic the ocean perfectly by combining different shades of blue with multiple layers of resin to create this amazing effect.

resin crafts to sell



15. Real Flower Pressed Into Resin Earrings

If you have a nick for making dainty jewelry, then you should try a hand at making resin earrings with beautiful real flowers preserved into them.

resin ideas to sell



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Hope you found some cool ideas for popular resin items to sell.

Which of these easy resin crafting ideas will you be making first? 


Find more epoxy resin crafts for sale on Etsy!


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