Looking for the best crochet items to sell at crafts fairs or online on Etsy? Check out these 37 top selling crochet items 2023 for ideas!


Crocheting has to be one of the most relaxing, therapeutic hobbies out there. And while it does takes someone with a steady hand and a lot of patience to be able to actually make something beautiful – at the end of the day, it’s so worth it.


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If you’re a crochet enthusiast who spends your free time whipping up all sorts of amazing creations, then you might want to consider turning your hobby into a profitable and fun crochet business.

This way, you can make some extra cash while also doing something you love.

In this post, I’ll show you some quick easy crochet ideas to sell so that you can get started on your very own handmade business!


Where to sell your handmade crochet creations?

    • Set up your very own Etsy shop
    • Set up an Instagram page and sell them on social media
    • Sell these crochet products at local craft fairs, craft shows or even at a flea market
    • Sell on a global marketplace such as the Facebook marketplace
    • Sell on Amazon handmade marketplace
    • Set up your own website and list the crochet projects for sale there
    • Set up an Etsy shop and sell your own patterns to your fellow crocheters


35 Best Crochet Items to Sell

These 35 trending crochet items in 2022 are super easy to make and can be sold for a nice profit. Find out the most profitable crochet items so that you can make some extra money from home.

Here are the crochet patterns for all the crochet items that sell well to help you get started!


1. Mini Crochet Plants

Make these super adorable mini plants that are trendy in 2023.

mini crochet plants to sell

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1. Amigurumi

Two things that are universally loved – soft, fluffy yarn and adorable animals. Combine the two and you’ve got amigurumi, which are basically just small, crocheted animals.

These have become insanely popular in recent years, especially as baby shower gifts and nursery décor. A few of these in the shapes of different animals (puppies, kittens, bunnies, etc.), and you can have a whole litter of amigurumi to sell!

What amigurumi sells best? The best sellers are often cute items like animals, food, and popular characters from TV shows (For example, Pokemon amigurumi is hugely popular!)




2. Coasters

Who wouldn’t want a few, handmade coasters to spruce up their home? These are actually really easy to make and they look great in any kitchen or living room.

Plus, you can crochet coasters in all sorts of colors and patterns – the sky is really the limit here. Try your hand at some flower-shaped coasters which are quite popular right now!

crochet coasters

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3. Cardigans

Although one of the more complex items on this list, a crochet cardigan is definitely something people will be willing to spend big money on. A single one can sell upwards of $100!

So if you can manage to make a few of these beautiful pieces, you’ll be raking in the dough in no time. Just make sure you use high-quality yarn and put a lot of care into each cardigan – after all, they are rather pricey items.

crochet cardigan



4. Bucket Hats

The ’90s saw the rise of the bucket hat, and it looks like they’re making a huge comeback! From Rihanna to Justin Bieber, celebrities have been spotted sporting these trendy hats all over the place.

Crochet bucket hats are especially popular right now, so if you know how to make one of these bad boys, you can definitely score some sales with these trendy crochet hats.

crochet bucket hat



5. Cup Cozy

I’ve found that one of the most popular selling items (especially during winter time) is the cup cozy. People love these things because they keep your hands comfy while you’re holding a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Crochet cup cozies are super adorable, and they’re actually really easy to make. You can whip up a few of these in an afternoon, and they make for great last-minute gifts too!

cup cozy



6. Market Bag

More and more people are now switching to reusable bags, and what better way to carry your groceries home than in cute, crocheted market bags?

These are great for summertime farmers’ markets or even just a trip to the grocery store. Again, you can really have fun with the colors and patterns here. Try making a few different designs and see which ones sell the best!

market bag



7. Hanging Basket

Here’s a unique idea for you – a crocheted hanging basket! These are perfect for storing things like fruit, vegetables, and even flowers. They look great in the kitchen or even in a bathroom as extra storage space.

Plus, they make for really cute décor items. If you can manage to make a few of these, I’m sure you’ll have tons of people interested in buying them!

hanging bag



8. Crochet Tops

Want to take full advantage of the hot girl summer phenomenon? Then you’ll need to make some crochet tops for the warmer months!

Trust me, these things will be in high demand come summertime at summer craft fairs.

From bikinis to crop tops, there’s a crochet top for every occasion.

And the best part is that they’re actually pretty easy to make – once you get the hang of it, you can churn these out in no time. Make these in a variety of different colors (bright colors work best for these halter tops!)

crochet tops

y2p crochet top


9. Baby Blanket

What’s softer than a baby blanket? A crochet baby blanket, of course! New parents go crazy when it comes to handmade items and baby gifts for their little ones, so this is definitely a great item to sell.

Whether it’s in baby blue, hot pink, or sunshine yellow, baby blankets make for really cute gifts as well. Just be sure to use soft, gentle yarn so it’s nice and cozy for the baby!

best crochet items to sell



10. Ear Warmers

Last but not least, we have ear warmers. These are perfect for anyone who lives in a cold climate (or just hates the feeling of wind on their ears!).

They’re also really easy to make and can be crocheted in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. If you can set up a booth at a wintertime craft fair, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble selling these by the bunch!

ear warmer


11. Winter Hats

Making and selling winter hats is a great way to make extra money crocheting during the winter season. Use different color combinations to create stylish and beautiful hats that are sure to become top sellers when it’s cold outside.

This video guide will show you exactly how to crochet a knit-look hat in less than 2 hours and it also includes a free crochet pattern.

You can use the free pattern or also check out one of the cheap patterns on Etsy:



Cute Aestethtic Crochet Summer Tops


12. Granny Square Tank Top

Get ready for summer with these vibrant and breezy granny square tops! Handcrafted with love and skillfully crocheted, these colorful tops are perfect for sunny days and can be worn with shorts, skirts, or jeans, making them a must-have addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe.

granny square tank top (1)

Get the pattern


granny square tank top (1)

Get the pattern


crochet top

Get the pattern


13. Granny Square Top With Sleeves

crochet granny square top with sleeves (1)

Grab the pattern


crochet granny square top with sleeves (1)

Grab the pattern


Crochet Christmas Items to Sell

Since selling crochet crafts for more than 3 years, I  have noticed that the demand always increases during the winter months and especially during Christmas.

That is why I have added 20 super popular crochet Christmas gifts and Christmas crochet ideas to sell during the Holidays. Most of these best selling crochet items are perfect for people with beginner crochet skills to quickly make and sell.


13. Christmas Stockings

These stockings have to be my favorite crochet Christmas items to sell. The best part about these is that people will usually buy them for the whole family meaning all your orders will be quite large and profitable.



14. Mini Stocking Crochet Garland

Another super cute crochet Christmas craft fair idea is this mini stockings garland. Make the stockings in various colors and tie them together with a long piece of rope for the perfect mantle decoration for the Holidays.



15. Santa Coasters

Just look how adorable these tiny amigurumi Santa coasters are! These are sure to sell like hot cakes att your next Christmas fair.



15. Crochet Gift Tags

These gift tags are super quick and cheap to make and can be sold as an upsell or a free gift with your other crafts.



16. Amigurumi Christmas Decorations



17. Christmas Gnomes



18. 30-Minute Cup Cozy



19. Christmas Cup Cozy



20. Christmas Coasters



21. Crochet Poinsettia Flower



22. Nordic Gnomes



23. Christmas Garland



24. Crochet Christmas Ornaments



25. Gingerbread Train Decoration



26. Christmas Trees



27. Christmas Candy Decorations



28. Grinch Toy



29. Long Christmas Hat



30. Fairy Christmas Hat



31. Newborn Christmas Hat



32. Tiny Christmas Crochet Hats



33. Crochet Christmas Ornament Balls

Christmas Ornament crochet pattern


34. Santa Toy



35. Bottle Covers for Christmas Gifts



So there you have it – my top 35 crochet items to sell. I hope this list has given you some inspiration and has given you the answer to what handmade crochet items sell best on Etsy and at craft fairs.

If you do, I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how well they sell. Happy crocheting!


Which of these crochet items to sell at craft fairs will you be making? Let me know in the comments!

most profitable crochet items

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