This post will show you the best simple open house food ideas for realtors.

Are you a realtor planning an open house? If so, you know that providing food and refreshments is a great way to make potential buyers feel welcome and comfortable. But what kinds of foods should you serve? And how can you make sure that your choices are both tasty and practical?

In this article, I’ll explore some open house food ideas for realtors. Whether you’re hosting an open house for a single property or for multiple listings, I’ve got you covered with some delicious treats!

From simple snacks and sweet treats to more elaborate spreads, I’ll provide you with plenty of inspiration to help you create a welcoming atmosphere that will leave a great first impression on your potential clients. 

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17 Simple Open House Food Ideas for Realtors

When it comes to open house food ideas, it is important to strike a balance between variety and simplicity. You want to offer enough options to satisfy your guests’ taste buds, but not so many that it becomes overwhelming for you. Consider offering a mix of snacks and finger foods such as cheese and crackers, veggie platters, and bite-sized desserts. Don’t forget to provide a variety of drinks and refreshments as well.

To make your menu stand out, consider adding some unique and creative touches. For example, you could create a signature cocktail or mocktail that ties in with the theme of the open house. 


1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are a great choice for open houses, as they’re delicious and make your home smell inviting. Create a variety by adding different chips like chocolate or caramel to a basic dough.


Recipe by: Modern Honey


Offer these treats wrapped with your logo, so guests can take a memorable snack when they leave, helping to build a lasting impression.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

Using Girl Scout cookies at your open house is more than just offering a tasty snack; it’s an endorsement of a cherished community tradition. This gesture resonates with guests, demonstrating support for young entrepreneurs and reflecting your commitment to local causes. Displaying these popular cookies can spark conversations about your community involvement, enhancing your reputation.

Beyond a sweet treat, this act subtly assures potential buyers of your investment in the community. This thoughtful touch builds trust and leaves a positive, lasting impression long after the cookies are gone.


3. Small Packaged Chips or Popcorn

These individual salty snacks are a great way to offer an on-the-go snack. Customize them with your logo and phone number for your open house guests to remember you by.


Source: BlossomPaperieShop


3. Water Bottles

Offering cold water bottles with your name, photo, and contact details is a smart marketing move. It’s a practical giveaway that ensures potential clients have your information handy. Every time they take a sip, they’ll be reminded of you and your services, increasing the likelihood they’ll remember and reach out to you.


Source: LittlePeaceStudio


4. Hot Apple Cider

Offering hot cider at an open house is a charming way to welcome guests, creating a cozy atmosphere with its warm, spiced aroma. This is particularly effective in freshening up spaces that might smell musty or unoccupied. The cider serves as a natural air freshener, subtly improving ambiance and leaving a memorable impression through the powerful link between scent and memory. For convenience, prepare the cider in advance and keep it warm in a thermal dispenser. During winter or holidays, its nostalgic aroma adds to the open house’s appeal, providing a unique and comforting sensory experience for potential buyers.


5. Charcuterie Cups


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Easy Charcuterie Cups Recipe


6. Pinwheel Sandwiches

Pinwheel Sandwiches are a quick and convenient finger food, ideal for open houses. They’re made with ranch-flavored cream cheese and cucumbers, rolled in large flour tortillas, allowing guests to easily grab and enjoy while on the move.


Recipe by: Princess Pinky Girl

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7. Honey Goat Cheese Balls

Honey Goat Cheese Balls, a quick and festive appetizer, can be made in just 15 minutes. Simply shape soft goat cheese into balls and roll them in a mix of honey, apricot preserves, and pecans. For variety, switch up the nuts and preserves to explore different flavor combinations!


Recipe by: A Cedar Spoon


9. Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

This super easy, delicious finger food, perfect for everything from cocktail parties to tailgates, requires just 3 ingredients and 12 minutes to prepare. A hassle-free, tasty treat for any gathering!


Recipe by: Christinas Cucina


10. Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are perfect for offering a healthy snack option at open houses.This simple finger food encourages guests to comfortably mingle and enjoy more. Since they’re popular and tend to disappear quickly, it’s wise to have extra batches ready in the fridge for easy restocking throughout the event.


Recipe by: Appetizer Addiction

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11. Cheese Board

A cheese and charcuterie board is a classic option that never goes out of style. Make sure to include a variety of cheeses such as brie, cheddar, and gouda. Pair them with some cured meats like prosciutto and salami. Add some crackers, nuts, and dried fruits to complete the board. Your guests will appreciate the effort you put into creating a beautiful and delicious display.


Source: Smirly Store


12. Soft Pretzels

Soft pretzels are a fantastic choice for an open house snack due to their versatility. Offering both soft and hard pretzels along with a variety of dipping sauces like cheese, cinnamon, or chocolate, caters to different tastes. This variety not only delights guests but also shows the extra effort you’ve put into creating an enjoyable and diverse snack option.


13. Sugar Cookie Cups With Fresh Fruits

Sugar Cookie Fruit Cups are delightful bite-sized treats. Each sugar cookie cup is topped with fresh fruit and they will add some color to your snack table.


Recipe by: Bitz N Giggles


14. Mini Quiches

Mini quiches are an excellent choice for an open house. These delicious bites are bite-sized, flavorful, and can be made with a variety of fillings to suit different tastes or can even be bought from your local grocery store last minute. Easy to eat while mingling, they add a touch of elegance to your open house events.


15. Fruit Infused Water

Fruit-infused water is a refreshing and attractive beverage option for an open house. It’s not only hydrating but also adds a touch of sophistication with it’s delicious fruity flavors, enhancing the overall guest experience.


16. Antipasto Skewers

Antipasto skewers are a simple yet elegant appetizer, perfect for an open house. They’re easy to make and offer a delicious variety of flavors in one convenient bite.


Recipe by: Spend With Pennies

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17. Vegetable Platter

A vegetable platter paired with buffalo chicken dip or another cheesy dip is a great appetizer choice. It offers a healthy veggie option alongside flavorful, indulgent dips, catering to a variety of tastes.


Which of these easy finger food recipes will you be serving at your next open house to the prospective buyers?

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