Selling plants on Facebook marketplace

Do you love taking care of plants, have a green thumb, and want to make some extra money?

You’re in luck because lots of people are looking to buy a specific plant to bring into their homes.

Thanks to the long isolation, growing indoor plants has become increasingly popular over the past year.

So why not make some extra cash by having a plant sale of cuttings you’ve taken from your own plants?


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Facebook marketplace for selling propagated plants

Facebook Marketplace is an online marketplace for local buying and selling that is ideal for those interested in selling propagated plants due to its wide audience reach.

It enables sellers to create listings with photos and descriptions of their plants and provides easy communication between buyers and sellers.

It is also free to use, making it an accessible option for those starting a plant business. Facebook Marketplace is a convenient and user-friendly platform for selling propagated plants within a local community as it has ready-made audiences.


Can I sell plants on Facebook marketplace?

Yes, you can sell plants on Facebook Marketplace and it is perfectly legal to do so. However, it’s important to be aware of local laws and regulations regarding the sale of plants in your area. Double-check that the plants you’re selling are allowed in your area and not invasive or harmful species.

Additionally, be transparent about the plant’s condition and provide accurate information to potential buyers. 

can you sell plants on facebook marketplace

How much money can you make from selling plants from home?

The amount of money you can make from selling plants from home can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of plants you are selling, the market demand for those plants, the price you set, and how much time and effort you put into your online plant store. Some sellers make a few hundred dollars per month, while others can make thousands of dollars per year.


Clara Leung is a plant seller who has made thousands of dollars from selling her plants. After clipping and repotting her own plants, she began selling propagated plants on Facebook Marketplace and has since sold over 2,000 plants. Clara’s Green House is Clara’s passion project and a great way to bond with her son while making some extra money. She believes in the art of Feng Shui and improving the happiness of her customers through plants. source


Propagating Plants

Plant propagation is a way of making new plants by taking a part of an old plant and growing it into a new one.

This can be done by taking a stem or leaf from an old plant and putting it in water or soil to grow roots.

Once the new plant has roots, it can be planted in a pot or outside to grow into a new plant that looks just like the old one. Plant propagation is a popular technique for creating new plants that have the same traits and characteristics as the original plant.

It’s also a free way of generating new plants from the ones you already have.

The best plants to start with are the plants you already own. That way you can keep the upfront cost low and sell for a fair price.

Rare plants can sell for a higher price but they are also expensive to buy so I would avoid that before you start to make a profit.



What You’ll Need:


Basic steps for propagating plants:

  1. Select a healthy plant with desirable features.
  2. Choose the appropriate method of propagation (e.g. stem cutting, leaf cutting, division, etc.).
  3. Use a clean and sharp cutting tool to make a clean cut or separate the plant.
  4. Remove any leaves or stems from the lower portion of the cutting that will be inserted into the soil or water.
  5. Insert the cutting into a pot or container with well-draining soil or water.
  6. Place the plant cutting in a warm and bright location with indirect sunlight.
  7. Water the cutting regularly (unless it’s in water) and monitor its progress until it develops roots and is ready to be transplanted.


Best plants for propagation:

  1. Pothos
  2. Snake plant
  3. Spider plant
  4. Succulents
  5. Philodendron
  6. Monstera
  7. Chinese money plant
  8. ZZ Plant
  9. Microgreens
  10. String of pearls

Once you’ve succeeded in creating a few new plants, it’s time to get them listed for sale!


How to list your plants for sale

Setting up a Facebook Marketplace account:

  1. Sign up for a Facebook account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Navigate to Facebook Marketplace and click “Create New Listing”


  1. Follow the prompts to upload photos, write a description, and set a price for your plants. If you’re unsure what to price them, search for the plant and see what other sellers have priced them at.



Tips for creating an attractive and effective product listing:

  1. Take high-quality photos of your plants or plant cuttings that showcase their best features.
  2. Write a clear and detailed description of each plant, including its species, growth habits, and care requirements.
  3. Set a fair and competitive price for your plants based on their size, age, and rarity.


Tip: Include a printed-out care card to make sure the buyer can raise a healthy and thriving plant even if they’re not good with plants. This way they might be a returning customer!



Promote your listings:

  • The Facebook marketplace seems to promote listings that have the most active sellers, so list on a daily basis, and always respond to people who enquire about your listings to show up higher in the search results.
  • Join Facebook groups related to gardening, plant care, and plant enthusiasts in your local area or region.
  • Check the group rules to ensure that promoting your business is allowed in the group.
  • Create a post in the group introducing your business and the plants you are selling to your potential buyers, with photos and descriptions.
  • You can also join your local area buy-sell groups by searching for them directly from the Facebook search bar and adding your listings there for more exposure.
  • Create a social media profile such as an Instagram page for your online plant business and promote your plants there.


Pricing and Shipping

When selling propagated plants, it’s important to consider pricing and shipping options. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Factors to consider when setting prices for propagated plants:

  1. Size and age of the plant
  2. The rarity of the plant
  3. Cost of production (e.g. soil, pots, fertilizers)
  4. Market demand for the plant
  5. Competition with other sellers (type in your plant name in the Marketplace and see how much other people are selling them for)


Options for shipping plants:

  1. Local pickup/delivery (by far the most popular option)
  2. Shipping through postal service or courier


I would personally avoid shipping plants when first getting started as there are high shipping costs and it can be hard to ensure plants make it there safely. If you choose to ship your plants, here are a few tips:

Tips for packaging and shipping plants safely:

  1. Use sturdy boxes and packing materials to protect the plants during shipping.
  2. Label the boxes clearly with the name of the plant and any special care instructions.
  3. Ship plants at the beginning of the week to avoid them being stuck in transit over the weekend.


Selling propagated plants on Facebook Marketplace can be a great way of making extra money. It provides a convenient and accessible platform to reach a wide audience of potential buyers and allows you to turn your love of plants into a successful small business.

By following these best practices, you can establish a positive reputation, attract loyal customers, and enjoy the benefits of being a successful plant seller. So go ahead and try your hand at plant propagation and online selling today!


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