If you’re looking for the best pink party favors for your upcoming party then this post is for you!

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When planning a party that’s all about pink you’ll want to consider adding pink party favors or pink goodie bags to your list.

They’re an easy way to make your party memorable and fun for your guests.

So whether you’re looking for pink party favors for adults, a pink-themed birthday party, a Barbie party, a princess birthday party, a bridal shower, or a baby shower, you’ll find the perfect pink items to put in your goodie bags.


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What are Pink Party Favors?

Pink party favors are small gifts or tokens of appreciation that are given to guests at a party or event. These favors are typically pink in color and can be anything from candy to handmade items. Pink party favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending and to make your event more memorable.


Choosing the Best Pink Party Favors

When picking pink party favors, think about your event’s theme and your guests’ preferences. For a baby shower, go for baby-themed favors like mini pacifiers or baby bottle-shaped candles. For a birthday party, choose age-appropriate options like candy or small toys.

Also, consider your budget and the number of guests. Handmade favors can be pricier than mass-produced ones, so try to stay within your budget.

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15 Pink Party Favors Ideas Your Party Guests Will Love

1. Pink Popcorn Party Favors

Make these beautiful and flavorful savory and sweet candy popcorn mixes and place them in small bags or mason jars to give out as party favors.


2. Pink Chip Bags

Getting custom chip bags made is a fun and creative way to give out pink party foods and favors at pink parties.


Source: CheersByErin



Source: PinkPartyShop 


3. Girly Pink Favor Bags

This is the perfect gift bag for any upcoming birthday party. Simply fill a clear bag with some nail polish, nail files, and more fun pink stuff and tie it off with a ribbon.


Source: A Pumpkin And A Princess


4. Cheap Party Favor Bags

Put together cheap favor bags at under $4 per bag as the creator of this video did. She included pink hand cream, tissues, bath bombs, lip balm, and pink alcoholic drinks in the bag and topped it all off with pink tissue paper.

Source: InfiniteBee


5. DIY Candy Filled Jars

Simply fill leftover baby food jars with different colors of pink candies and give them as favors to your guests at your pink theme party or baby shower.


Source:  Crafty Morning

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6. Pink Candy Kabobs

Everyone will love these fun candy kabobs and they are sure to be a huge hit at your next party! You could even make these by yourself by adding a bunch of candies in different shades of pink onto a skewer such as pink musk sticks, pink marshmallows, and sour candies.


Source: DandyCandyShop


7. Pink Visors

These matching visors are too cute not to wear and will be perfect for lounging by the pool.


Source: Caaseydesign


8. Pink Bracelets

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Barbie Party Favors

9. Barbie Goodie Bags

These adorable Barbie party favor bags are made using Dollar Tree gift bags but are made to look like Barbie boxes thanks to the clear windows. 

They can then be filled with all of your favorite pink treats such as candy, ring pops, cookies, and pink chocolates.


Source: Gina C Creates


10. Pink Doll Boxes

Fill these boxes with your favorite barbie themed party favors such as scrunchies, sunglasses, or stickers.


Source: AtelierEmberPoetry


11. Barbie Drink Pouches


Source: Amazon


Pink Party Favors for Adults

These favors are perfect for adult parties such as birthday parties, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties.


12. Mini Cowboy Hats 

This one is an easy DIY party favor to make. Simply buy a multi-pack of your favorite drinks top them with these adorable cowboy hats and hand them out to your guests.


Source: LuckTen


13. Pink Undereye Mask

Give your girls a little something to recover from the party with these luxe moisturizing eye masks.


Source: Amazon


14. Pink Hangover Recovery Kits

Your friends will love you the next day when they wake up with a sore head. 


Source: AtelierEmberPoetry


15. Adopt A Willy

This fun party favor is perfect for a bachelorette party or girls night gift to prank your friends with!


Source: AbacusPrints


Which of these pink party theme favors will you be giving out at your next party? Let me know in the comments!

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