Best Fall jello shots to serve at your next Fall dinner party, Halloween party or even as a fun Thanksgiving dinner accompaniment.

Now that the long hot summer is coming to an end and chilly days of Autumn are upon us, you may be craving some warming wood, drinks, and coziness.

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy some fun jello shots to warm you up or to impress your friends at a party with.

The reason I’m such a fan of Autumn jello shots is that they are super easy to make, only require a few simple ingredients, and can be made quickly in a bulk quantity.

From fireball jello shots recipe to hard cider jello shots, Halloween jello shots and other fun recipe ideas, you are sure to find some cool ideas for your next party!


Best Fall jello shots ranging from halloween jello shots, fancy, fun & easy Autumn jello shots that are perfect to serve at a party!

Do jello shots get you drunk?

Jello shots generally contain a lot less alcohol than normal shots or cocktails, therefore making them less likely to get drunk meaning you can enjoy a few jello shots and still be okay.

But with anything containing alcohol, moderation is key and you should know your limits.


How far in advance can I make jello shots?

Jello shots taste best when made 1-2 days in advance, however most of the easy jello shots in this list are still good even when made 3-4 days ahead of your party.



21 Fall Themed Jello Shot Recipes


1. Apple Crisp Jello Shots

Cake in a shot form! Make this fancy jello shot recipes for a delicious treat.




2. Thanksgiving Jello Shots

Orange and cranberry shots with bright and cheerful colors to make at your next Thanksgiving party.



3. Black Magic Jello Shots

These magical shots are the perfect Halloween jello shots! They look super fancy but are actually pretty simple to make.



4. Harry Potter Butterbeer Shots

Inspired by butter beer from Harry Potter movies these shots are perfect for a themes party.



5. Sugar-Free Jello Shots

These sugar free jello shots are keto friendly and low carb and only contain 44 calories for a diet friendly boozy treat.
sugar free jello shots



5. Apple Cider Jello Shots

Flavored with vodka and ginger, then topped with some cinnamon, these no-cup jello shots are delicious and easy to make.



6. Green Apple Fireball Jello Shots

You only need apple juice, gelatin and fireball whiskey to make these boozy treats!




7. Pumpkin Jello Shots

This rare jello flavors shots really stand out as they could easily be mistaken for a tasty dessert! Just be careful the kids don’t accidentally try one as they look so dang tasty!



8. Apple Pie Jello Shots

Simple to make shots that are made with just 4 ingredients! These fall inspired jello shots are great served at tailgating, Thanksgiving or even just at a party.



9. Caramel Apple Jello Shots

Made with apple cider, Knox, apple pucker, and green food dye.



10. PSL Jello Shots 

Falls favorite drink turned into a jello shot – how stinking cute are these little guys!! These pumpkin spice jello shots will be a star at your Thanksgiving or Halloween party.



11. Fireball Cider Jello Shots

These would be a great treat for any adult trick or treaters that come knocking on your front door.




12. Bourbon Apple Cider Jell-o shots

Warming bourbon infused with cinnamon and then combined with Martinelli’s apple cider – try this fancy jello shots recipe for your next holiday party.



13. Rumchata Pumpkin Pie Pudding Shots

These fall flavored jello shots use only 4 ingredients and are quick to make.



14. Pineapple Upside Down Jello Shots

This summer jello shot recipe can also be served in Fall. You can easily make this recipe alcohol free by swapping the vodka for water.




15. Caramel Apple Jello Shots

This sweet and tasty caramel apple shots recipe will give you a new appreciation for the fruit. You can make them for kids by skipping the vodka.



16. Bacon Bourbon Apple Jello Shots

Make these shots for your guests who aren’t a huge fans of sweets. 




17. Candy Corn Shots

If you need a simple and fun Halloween party treat, you can’t look past these candy corn jello shots. This tiny creamsicle vodka Halloween delight will add a little vanilla and orange to your evening of fun.



18. Thanksgiving Jello Shots With Cranberries



19. Apple Pie Pudding Shots




20. Floating Eyeball Jello Shots

Spooky and creepy treat to serve at your Halloween party! These are certainly eye-catching!



21. Rotten Pumpkin Jello Shots

Although these Rotten Pumpkin Jello Shots resemble a rotten pumpkin, they taste like the finest pumpkin pie you’ve ever had! Ideal for your next Halloween get-together!




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Serve the best Fall jello shots at your next Fall dinner party, Halloween party, or even as a fun Thanksgiving dinner addition.



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