It is not all pjs and pay checks when you first start a blog! I am sharing the 4 secrets nobody tells you about starting a blog to help you see the realistic side of starting a blog coming from someone who has only recently started one herself! #bloggingtips #bossbabe #bloggingsecrets

You’ve seen all the countless ‘how to start a blog’  guides and income reports of bloggers making thousands of dollars a month while working 5 hours a week and so on and they all make blogging seem easy enough for anyone to do!

And while this may be the case sometimes and some bloggers *do* make thousands a month they didn’t get there overnight.

In reality, these big bloggers have been in the game for years and years and have worked really hard to build themselves up to the point of making consistent passive income.

Now the reason everyone tells your starting a blog takes 5 minutes and so on is because they profit from you buying a hosting plan and buying the products they recommend.

There’s nothing wrong with that but you have to understand it does takes awhile to really get started.

Blogging is in no way a get rich quick scheme!

I have listed the 4 secrets nobody tells you about starting a blog in hopes to help you understand how everything really works.


If you are reading this but you don’t have a blog of your own yet then you can check out my easy step-by-step guide on how to start your own blog today!


1.It is not a quick process and will take up ALL of your free time when you are first starting out

Now at the time of writing this, I have just started publishing my first blog posts so this all is still super fresh to me. Before even starting a blog I spent months and months researching everything.

I would spend every waking hour at home online looking up blogging tips, trying to figure out what words like SEO and Affiliate Marketing mean and learning about them.

The truth is blogging is such a foreign concept to so many people because they don’t teach this at school and you will have to spend a lot of time learning everything from scratch because trust me, there is a ton to learn!

2.Working from home is not as glamorous as you might think

You would think nothing beats being your own boss, waking up at midday, working for a couple of hours and then doing whatever else you want with your day. Well, the truth is it is not.

You actually have to put in a lot of hours to your blog and will not have time for much else during the day.

Sure, it is nice to be at home and not have to answer to a boss but that might quickly lead to laziness and end up with you not getting a lot of work done.

Working from home can also lead to weight loss or weight gain and you sit down for most of the day.

When you have a conventional 9-5 job, your time off is all for you. You can do whatever you like.

With a work from home job, there is no specified time off and you will always have blogging in the back of your mind and might feel guilty about doing other things with your time.

For me, I would always have the nagging thought in the back of my head that I should be doing things to improve my blog instead of watching Netflix or doing things with my family.

The key is to find a balance and knowing the importance of having time for yourself.

3.Your friends and family might not be supportive

Your friends and family might not be supportive of your plan to start blogging as well. Some might think its foolish and a waste of time. One of my close friends said to me: ‘why would you waste 100 hours a week on something that might make you $5 at the end of the week when you can just get a 2nd job and work 100 hours a week at an actual job and earn thousands!’ Words like that can get in your head and make you doubt yourself.

Also, a lot of your friends will feel get agitated at you, especially during your first months of blogging when all of your free time is taken up by it and you will not have enough time to see them.

4.Not everybody is cut out for it

This one might be hard to swallow but it is the truth. You need to sit back and think about WHY you chose to start a blog. Everybody has a different reason for wanting to start a blog but if your only motivation is money, let me tell you, honey, you won’t last long in it!

There will be months before you might even see your first paycheck and that will make you feel unmotivated and down and if you only started a blog to make money then you will be quick to quit.

Also as I said earlier, there are so many things you need to learn before and after you started a blog that you might just feel completely crushed and unable to learn any of it.

There are tons of people who start a blog and never make it because they don’t have what it takes.

I think the main thing you need to have is Persistence and a will to keep going when things are tough. If you keep trying and trying, you might still fail but if you don’t even try you will never know.

5.(bonus!)You will learn so much about yourself and the person you are and it will be worth it in the end

Now, this is the cheesy ending paragraph to make everything I just said above seem all good and end the post on a good note. But I swear (pinky promise) I am not just saying it for that reason, it is the truth.

You will develop your personal self in so many ways if you do choose to start your journey on this exciting road of blogging.

You will learn about your writing style, things you enjoy writing about, things you enjoy doing and also learn so much techy stuff that is so useful.

Honestly, the way the world is going right now, learning anything new about computers, graphics design, setting up a website and all that (not) fun tech stuff will benefit you down the line. Even if you do not end up being a successful blogger you will have incredibly valuable skills that can be used in the future. Or you might even find something else related to blogging like freelancing, graphics design or marketing that you will feel passionate about and end up making a career out of that!

So, in conclusion, there are many negative sides to blogging and things people choose not to talk about but in my personal opinion, the good things outweigh the negatives by far! So I truly hope you join me on this scary and exciting journey and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do!♥

It is not all pjs and pay checks when you first start a blog! I am sharing the 4 secrets nobody tells you about starting a blog to help you see the realistic side of starting a blog coming from someone who has only recently started one herself! #bloggingtips #bossbabe #bloggingsecrets